Justice, Peace & Caritas

Mr. Antony Mbandi Co-ordinator

Mr. Antony Mbandi


Ms. pauline Wakibiru Administrative Secretary

Ms. pauline Wakibiru

Administrative Secretary

Promotes Justice and Peace in society and in the Church and works towards a change of unjust structures as part of the evangelising mission of the Church. Established in 2002, the J&P Department works towards:

  • The establishment of a network of the Justice and Peace Commissions in the AMECEA region and the formation of a Global African Justice and Peace network.

  • Capacity building and supporting the formation of new Justice and Peace Commissions where they do not exist yet.

  • Formation programs on Justice and Peace and Social Teaching on the Church, in order to create awareness on these issues and foster a commitment.

  • Building a culture of peace and working towards the resolution of conflicts in the region.

  • Developing and fostering a Spirituality of Justice and Peace.

  • Fostering the commitment of the Church and Christians to live the preferential option for the poor.

  • Lobbying Regional and International Organizations, to make the voice of the Church heard on issues influencing the life of the people in the AMECEA region.

  • Networking and supporting the JP Commissions and dioceses working with Refugees.

  • Formation of Pastoral Agents working with Refugees.

  • Giving information on and analyzing issues related to Justice and Peace affecting the region.